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Why Start a Blog

Hello Everyone!

It’s official! Probably Parents is LIVE and in action! We are SO EXCITED to begin this long awaited journey with you and hope you are here to stay!

We’ve gone back and forth on countless ideas to figure out what our first “real” blog post would be about. And although we are excited to share many of those ideas with you in the near future, none of them seemed appropriate as our introduction to our new friends (that’s you)!

It’s like that awkward moment when you meet someone for the first time. You’re not exactly sure how you feel about them yet…but your tummy has a little case of the butterflies. They’ve sparked your interest, and you’re eager to know more. Then before you know it you have accidentally found yourself in the inevitable interview (where are you from?, what do you do for work?, what are your hobbies?, what is your favorite animal?) You guys know exactly what we are talking about!

Lucky for you, we are going to give you all of our details right now so next time we can get you straight to the good stuff!

(4 Months Pregnant in Hvar, Croatia 2017)

Q: “Who are you?”

A: We will try to keep this short and sweet.

Husband and Wife: Mike and Paige (both originally from sunny southern California), but those days of fun in the sun seem like a distant memory as we’ve spent most of our adult life moving around the world. Thank you Air Force.  We met many summers ago while in college through “mutual friends”. We will save you the epic love story so let’s skip to the part after we got married, moved abroad, and found ourselves living in Germany.

Yes, the beer, wine, and occasional schnitzel was amazing and we LOVED experiencing new cultures. But, if we are being completely honest with you, life abroad definitely had its challenges. With those challenges came feelings of isolation and stress. Having such a long distance between us and our families back home in the states (9 time zones to be exact), we learned to depend on each other for literally anything and everything. Simple tasks from going grocery shopping to reading road signs seemed daunting. Together, we found a way to overcome these obstacles and become more connected than ever.

This feeling led us to make quite possibly our most important family decision: to have a baby. We wish we could say that the process of creating our family was all happiness and rainbows, but instead, it was an experience that tested our faith and marriage. After battling through the darkness of loss, God finally brought the light back into our world. On January 3rd, 2018, we were blessed with our babe Mackenzie and our lives were forever changed. At this point, we truly learned the importance of our faith in God and his role as the center of all things in our life. He gave and continues to give us the strength to overcome each and every obstacle as we allow Him to shape our family into His image.

(Baby Moon, 8 Months Pregnant, Palm Springs 2017)

Q: “Why start a blog?”

A: This should be such an easy question to answer yet it feels so complicated. Just like life, our path to starting a blog has been a crazy adventure.  We know that many of you probably struggle with the same feelings that we do. Those feelings of not fully understanding your purpose in life. (Only God gets to know that) In our hearts, we knew that raising Mackenzie was the biggest piece in our life, but she wasn’t the entire puzzle. Deep down, our hearts were telling us we needed to start something that would pave the way for our family’s future.

During those early months of parenting, we found ourselves searching for life’s toughest questions; like how many wipes should we use to wipe our baby’s butt or how to introduce your fur baby to your real baby. (Shout-out to our beagle Lucy!) Every time we had a question, a blog came to our rescue and gave us the answer we were seeking. We began to research more and more blogs. We realized that Blogs can be so powerful, yet inclusive. They build communities based on support and love while providing answers to everyday life questions. Our desire to bring good into this world led us to deciding that we would start a blog of our own with the intention to help other parents just like us.

(Sacile, Italy 2018)

Q: “What are positives to starting a blog?”

A: The positives to blogging are AMAZING to say the least. We love that we can work from home (hello, stay at home mom). Plus the freedom to travel and work while traveling really appeals to us. We also value experiencing new cultures and adventure. You could definitely say we have a bad case of Wanderlust, but after living abroad for 3 years, who wouldn’t?!  

Another thing that draws us to blogging is the idea that we can actually make a POSITIVE difference in this world. Helping other parents navigate this crazy thing we call parenthood is such a cool concept. Finally, we have two words for you: financial security. There is so much potential in blogging that the opportunities are endless for our family!

(Weingut Dr. Bürklin-Wolf, Wachenheim, Germany 2018)

Q: White or Red Wine?

A: If you have made it this far into our post, then we must be really doing something right. We are going to just to lay it all out there for you. We love wine, and like really good wine. Especially after chasing a sassy toddler around all day, these parents may need a glass (or two). But in all seriousness, we’ve always enjoyed yummy wines and living abroad fueled that passion even more.

To answer the question, it really depends on a lot of factors. We at Probably Parents use a three factor system to make this decision: weather, time, and whatever is in the basement. Weather plays a major role.

Drinking a chilled white on a blistering summer day really does the trick. But when you are snowed in and there is a zero percent chance of shoveling out, a big bold red will warm that heart right up.

Time of day really matters on those perfect spring or fall days when the weather supports either option. We use a hard line of 7 pm for those days; whites prior and reds past.

Finally and quite possibly most importantly, what do we actually own right now? In this household, we are more likely to hold on to a moment than a bottle of wine. At the end of the day, there really isn’t a color of wine out there we won’t drink. What truly matters is the memories we create and the time spent together.

Phew, let us catch our breath. Now that we got that over with, we can start what will be an amazing friendship! We cannot describe how excited we are that you have decided to go on this journey with us.  Stay tuned for new content each Tuesday and Thursday. While you wait, take a lap around the site and find a minute to contact us. We would love to hear from you!,

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