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Our Story

Hey there! We are so glad you stopped by! We are a passionate husband and wife duo that run on a heavy dose of caffeine and a whole lot of Jesus! We have been through the highs and lows of this crazy life. We have suffered losses and witnessed miracles. Now, we are trying to tackle the next big challenge: parenting our wonderfully crazy baby girl, Mackenzie! Originally from Southern California, we are a military family that has moved around the country and even around the world. Together, we have traveled to new countries and are always seeking an adventure. Our passion for experiencing wines…I mean cultures…fuels our desire to explore this amazing world! After a challenging road to parenthood, we have decided to share our story.  We hope our life experiences can help other parents to feel a little less crazy and a lot more loved!

Meet The Fam

Paige [Wife + Mom + Boss]

“A mom with a craving for life, love and a whole lot of wine. Wears her heart on the her sleeve and leaves nothing at the door (except the groceries, Mike brings those in). The boss of this operation and the boss of our home. Compassionate and empathetic to the sometimes messy but always beautiful job of being a mother.” Loves: Starbucks [Grande Triple Skinny Peppermint Mocha extra hot w/whip 😉 ], Weekly trips to HomeGoods + Target, Ending the night with a bold glass of red wine. Biggest Fear: Moms aren’t scared of anything! But, put me in a dark dirty room full of spiders and you might get a reaction.

Mike [Husband + Dad + Assitant]

“A rad dad with a strong heart and sometimes strong head. A servant leader to a wonderful wife and daughter. Will do everything to keep things real and honest. Always looking for new and fun ways to improve (and trust me, there is plenty of room for that).” Loves: Hot sauce, experiencing new cultures and terrible hiding spots during hide and seek. Biggest fear: Not having enough time for family, friends and fun. Having too much time at my real job.

Mackenzie [Baby + Also Boss]

“The reason for the season. A ball of chaos and very occasional snuggles. She’s cool, she’s cute and she’s here stay. The inspiration for this crazy experiment and the light in our life.” Loves: Puppies, pacies, avocados and anything not intended to be a toy. Biggest fear: Vacuums (Update, we are no longer afraid of the these. The new enemy is geese!)

Our Dream

Just two wide-eyed parents with the crazy idea to build a family lifestyle blog that is relatable and most importantly, honest. We know all too well that life can be messy. Sometimes, you need a positive resource and community that understands what you are going though. We don’t pretend to know everything, but we trust in faith and love to guide us. We are here to help YOU! You are what makes this possible. So, please send us your suggestions, positive or negative and let’s be friends!

If you want to learn more and are up for a good story, check out our first ever post! “Why start a blog” describes our journey to stepping out of our comfort zone and starting Probably Parents.

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