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9 Incredibly Cute Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Baby

Hello Everyone!

Yay for sunshine and spring weather…finally!

I am so excited to be sharing this post with you! Easter is just around the corner, and it’s time to dig deep. Get out those cute bunny ears you’ve been dying to wear (don’t be embarrassed, I have mine too!) and embrace your inner Easter Bunny!

I love this time of the year! Spring means warmer weather (at least most of the time), gorgeous flowers in bloom,  insane amounts of floral decor (thank you, HomeGoods), and most of all creating the PERFECT EASTER BASKET.

Now, obviously Easter isn’t all about bunnies, eggs and baskets full of goodies. And as a faithful believer in THE BIG MAN upstairs (Can I get an AMEN!), I try my best not to go too overboard during holidays. But, I also know that God himself blessed me with GIFT GIVING as my “Official” love language. Don’t believe me? You can read all about the 5 Love Languages here.

Okay…back to EASTER BASKETS. My mom (Mackenzie’s Gigi) always made THE BEST baskets for my siblings and I growing up. She really went above and beyond. So really, I’m just following in her footsteps and carrying on the family tradition. And now that we have an adorable little babe of our own to spoil, I just can’t help myself!

As a new-ish mom, I tried really hard this year to find super cute, and unique items to put in Mackenzie’s Easter basket. She is a toddler and can’t really eat candy. Plus, I definitely don’t need her running around the house Easter morning on an insane sugar high! (I’m sure other parents share those same feelings!) We would be a physical and emotional mess, probably miss her first Easter Service, and the whole day would inevitably fall apart. Trust me, I’m not being dramatic…I know my toddler.  So, we are going to ditch the candy this year.

Lucky for you, I’m here to share my exclusive Easter basket finds with you! This year, I was able to come across some really wonderful and (most importantly) AFFORDABLE items to make the perfect basket for Mackenzie. If you follow my links, you can too! Below, I’ve listed 9 Incredibly Cute Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for your baby or toddler. Our items are mostly girl oriented, but if you are a boy mom you can easily find similar items that your babe will love too!

Yes, we are still in the Unicorn Phase, no Llamas or Mermaids for this Mama yet!

This sassy one-piece is so cute and affordable, plus offers UPF 50+ sun protection.

Definitely Mackenzie and Mama approved! 🙂

This cover-up is pretty online, but it’s GORGEOUS in person! It features the sweetest pom-pom detail on the sleeves, and has the perfect amount of metallic shimmer!

Styled with a lovely pair of sandals, this cover-up will definitely be a showstopper piece on your babe at the pool this summer! 

Who doesn’t love toddler fashion!

Obviously you need a matching floatie to go with your cute suit! 

They even have a grown-up version for adults! Can you say Mommy and Me!? (A definite purchase in our future.)

The perfect sandal for transitioning from spring to summer! The pink ruffle sandal is just plain adorable and goes with so many darling outfits! 

Bonus: The hard sole makes it perfect for little babes just learning to walk!

What a steal! I seriously can’t believe how inexpensive these are! 

These purple sunnies are ridiculously cute, plus they are practically free! 

This Mama is all about a good deal, and they are ADORABLE on Mackenzie. Perfect for all of our sunny days ahead!

Pink. Furry. And Soft. This bunny checks off all of Mackenzie’s must haves when it comes to her furry friends. 

Can’t wait to let her snuggle with this new friend! Now, all we have to figure out is what to name her! 🙂

These springtime finger puppets are so darn cute! We have a similar set of farm animals that we have had since Mackenzie was born and she’s obsessed! 

They are perfect for playtime AND bath-time! They are also great for teaching animal names and sounds!

Yes, that’s right. We found these Easter Bunny bubbles in the famous dollar section at Target. 

Target never lets a Mama down, and we are so excited to let Mackenzie play with bubbles for the first time this Easter!

*Target’s dollar section is unavailable online. Due to this, the link & photo are of a similar product.

When I came across these organic bunny fruit snacks, I knew I had found a loophole in this “no candy” thing. I figured, these would be a healthy and fun alternative to add to our basket.

I am sure Mackenzie will enjoy them and not even realize that she’s missing out on anything! 🙂

Put these items into your favorite basket and away you go!

I hope you enjoyed reading “9 Incredibly Cute Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Baby!” Holidays are always much more fun now that I am Mackenzie’s Mom! We hope you were able to take away some good ideas for your babe’s Easter Basket. We would love to hear what traditions and ideas you all have to celebrate Easter and your favorite holidays too! Have a Happy and Hoppy Easter!

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