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9 Diaper Bag Must-Haves For Baby

Hello Friends!

Raise your hand if sometimes you just feel like a hot-mess. Anyone? I’m definitely raising my hand over here.

Mom brain is REAL! When our little Mackenzie was first born, I was so overwhelmed by anything and everything “baby.” (Who are we kidding, I still feel this way sometimes…)

I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, but really just wanted to be the best mom I could be! However, I knew I couldn’t go down each aisle in the Target* baby section and buy every product. We live our life on a budget (trust me, Mike reminds me of it all the time) and I didn’t want to buy anything we would never use. We all know babies are EXPENSIVE, and no one wants to waste money on a baby item only to find that it’s completely useless!

As a new mom, I tried to research baby items that I thought would be necessary. But, unfortunately, I found the internet to be flooded with generic responses or ridiculous Amazon* reviews that were less than helpful. I didn’t have any mom friends yet to tell me their specific experiences and what worked for their babies. Lucky for you, I am going to try to save all those Mama’s out there from feeling the craziness I felt. And, if you don’t have a mom friend yet, let me be your first!

Awesome! Now that you are all officially my friends. Let me tell you something about me: I love helping my friends! To do that, I want to share with you my 9 Diaper Bag MUST-HAVES for Mackenzie’s diaper bag. PLUS, I have created FREE age-specific PRINTABLE checklists (join our newsletter for access) that are super cute! You can use them to jog your memory to always make sure you have everything you need for your babe! Even better, you can use them to make sure that new Dad has something to go off of when you say, “Honey, can you get the baby’s bag together?”

Like I mentioned before, as a new mom, I had no idea what I needed. Over the last year, many items have become absolutely critical to surviving any outing with Mackenzie. Hopefully, something on this list will stand out to you and make the job of being a mom a little bit easier! Let’s get started!

Theses wipes are my all-time favorite! From my experience, they are the best wipes on the market today. When Mackenzie was first born, she had the WORST diaper rashes. I am talking full-on blisters down there. Poor girl…I wanted to cry for her!

 After lots of trial and error, we finally came across Seventh Generation Wipes*. They truly saved our butt (and Mackenzie’s too). They are so gentle that we can use them from head to toe, and of course on the baby’s booty. 

It gets better! They don’t have any harmful ingredients and really keep that beautiful baby skin glowing. I am always looking for ways to eliminate exposure to any “bad toxins” and for products that actually work! That’s why these wipes are a “win-win” in my books!

Remember those terrible diaper rashes I just told you about? We had almost given up on trying to cure Mackenzie’s rashes, because literally NOTHING could treat them. We tried everything over the counter with no luck. Ultimately, we ended up with a prescription from our pediatrician that couldn’t even heal our baby girl. 

Then, I discovered this beauty by Beautycounter*. I never thought that I could be this excited about something that goes on my baby’s butt. But I have to say, this diaper cream is the QUEEN of diaper creams and I can’t stop talking about it.

 Made with a blend of essential oils, this Beautycounter* diaper balm was the only thing that was able to fully heal and prevent the horrible rashes that Mackenzie experienced. We use it after every diaper change and those nasty rashes have never been back!

This has been an awesome discovery for our family! 

Since moving to the Midwest and enduring a brutally cold winter, our poor little babe developed the driest skin; especially on her face. I originally found this gem of a face and lip balm at a natural grocery store called Fresh Thyme. Now that I’m looking for it, I’ve also seen it available at Target* and plenty of other stores. 

It provides excellent moisture to heal and protect. Additionally, it’s not super greasy, so it doesn’t bother Mackenzie and she doesn’t bother it! You can use it all over baby’s face, cheeks and lips. It really makes a huge difference, especially on the go. Mike and I have even been using it for our lips too.


Don’t get me started on the terrors of teething. I feel so bad for every single baby out there that has to go through the torture of teething. Oh, and let’s not forget the parents that have to endure your baby’s crazy meltdowns. 

We try really hard not to give Mackenzie too much medicine unless absolutely necessary. So, when we came across this teething oil that was an all-natural alternative, we figured we’d give it a shot.

 The natural ingredients include clove oil (recommended for teething), spearmint oil, and eucalyptus to name a few. This oil has been a wonderful remedy that we can apply whenever Mackenzie is getting a new tooth (she currently has 7) Most importantly, she seems to really find relief from it!

Mackenzie LOVES her snacks, but these are in a league of their own! Baby approved, these teething treats are AMAZING and Mackenzie’s favorite baby product in the world. She asks for them all the time (literally 2-3 times a day!)

  Plum Organic Teethers* are a healthy, crunchy treat, that I’m assuming, feel really good on teething gums. Plus, she seems to think they taste really good too! They come in a bunch of different flavors and even have healthy veggies hidden in the ingredients. 

Yes, you heard that right! I know what you are thinking, “Veggies in a treat that tastes good!?” Sign this Mama up! We have tried numerous other teething wafer brands, but these are by far our favorite choice. Yes, I have even tried them myself and would totally munch on one…if Mackenzie would share.


We introduced these yummy Organic Happy Baby Pouches* to Mackenzie as soon as she started showing an interest in food. I told myself I was going to puree my own homemade baby food, but that didn’t really work out (haha, I was a little too ambitious). 

Luckily, we found these pouches! They come in a TON of flavors, like seriously 50 different flavors and combinations of healthy fruits, veggies, grains, you name it! Plus, they also have lots of nutrients essential for baby’s development. 

These pouches are super easy to toss in the bag and bring anywhere and such a great snack on the go! We never leave the house without at least one or two of these delicious pouches!


If you have a “paci baby”, then you know how crucial it is to keep that precious pacifier clean. Mackenzie is OBSESSED with her paci. One day we will have to wean her from it, but that day won’t be anytime soon.

 She is so attached to her paci that she literally takes it everywhere she goes. AND, not surprisingly, she’s not very conscientious of germs. I am constantly having mini panic attacks every time she drops it somewhere gross and tries to stick it back in her mouth.  That’s where these wipes come in.

 They are made with all-natural cleaning agents (are you sensing a trend?), and most importantly, they are 100% food grade which means you can clean the paci and pop it right back in.  They are a serious life-saver and help with my undiagnosed case of germaphobia.

We NEVER leave the house without this sippy cup. One time, I forgot to pack it and it was a BAD day. Usually I pack two; one with milk and the other with water. Mackenzie likes to have her options while we are out and about!

The great thing about this sippy cup is that it is both Mommy and Baby approved. It literally doesn’t spill. I’m sure there is a scientific reason for this, but I am just going to call it magic.

 The shape also helps assist in learning to drink from a real cup. AND, they come in lots of fun colors (our favorite is pink, of course!). It really is the perfect sippy cup!

Need I say more? I HATE germs…with a passion. I’m definitely that mom that sanitizes everything and cleans every surface I see. I know some germs are necessary for building a strong immune system…but cleaning makes me feel better. So, why not be prepared? There are a lot of sick kids and people running around, so why put your baby at risk right?

Wow that was A LOT of information! I really hope you enjoyed reading my 9 Favorite Diaper Bag Must Haves, and found the information provided useful! These items are my favorites based on my own experiences. Of course, you also need to make sure you don’t forget diapers (we prefer Pampers Cruisers), a changing pad, 2 changes of clothes for baby, burp clothes, yummy snacks for mom, and whatever else you feel necessary to make it through your day!

Don’t forget to check out the Probably Parents Resource Library for a SUPER CUTE FREE PRINTABLE checklist for your babe’s diaper bag. We have one for NEWBORNS, INFANTS, and TODDLERS!

Also, please leave us a comment below and let us know what your go-to diaper bag items are! We are always looking for new ideas and great products to help our family and yours!

**Mike’s Dad tip**

Don’t let your wife be so overwhelmed with baby stuff that she forgets her own phone and wallet. (This is an all too common occurrence in our household)

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